Mission Hefeweizen – Great Summer Beer

Just in Time for Summer – I will say it was my first time trying the Mission Hefeweizen.  I was at a local tavern in Dublin, OH and asked the bar tender if he knew of a good summer beer that was not too sweet.  He recommend the Mission Hefeweizen. The tavern had just got it on tap.  What a treat… it had a really fresh refreshing taste with some really good flavor profiles.

It was not nearly as sweet as most of the summer beers, especially the Shandy’s. If your anything like me you probably can’t drink more than one Shandy.  Shandy’s are just to sweet on a hot summer day.

Mission Hefeweizen is truly a summer beer that you can enjoy on a hot day. According to there website it is made with no fruit added. Instead the complex character of the beer is produced through mastery, detail and authentic Bavarian yeasts.

Taste Profile

Summer beer with hints of banana, clove and pear.

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2008 Gold Medal, Mission Hefeweizen, San Diego Professional Beer Competition
2008 Bronze Medal, Mission Hefeweizen, Los Angeles International Beer Competition
2011 Silver Medal, Mission Hefeweizen, Los Angeles International Beer Competition

Mission-Hefeweizen six pack

Mission-Hefeweizen six pack – photo from Mission brewery


Author: Brad Cummins

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