Jawbone Jambox – Product Review

I was at the lake and in desperate need of some music. The music player I had was just about to run out of charge. The iPhone only gets so loud with out some alternative speaker source. What was I to do?

Right when I though all was lost… up came a golf cart to our cabin blaring music.  So naturally…. I had to take a look. And when I did I was surprised at what I saw. It was the Jambox by Jawbone.

Portable. Wireless. Bluetooth.

I had never seen a Jawbone product before. It was small, but what surprised me was I didn’t see a dock on the Jawbone anywhere. Most portable speakers I have seen always have a dock. Which is terrible if you want to change the song and your not near the dock.

The shape is a simple rectangle and looks really sleek.  Along with it looking really sleek and seemed really durable. It was really solid.  The clarity of the Jawbone sounded great for not having a dock and being played wirelessly.

Right when I though it couldn’t get better. I found out I could sink my iPhone to someone else’s Jambox. It took less than a minute to sink my iPhone to the Jambox.  All my new iTunes music was ready to play.

I looked into some of the facts Jawbone had put on their site and here are some of the features they list.

Jawbone FAQ

Big Jawbone Jambox

  1. Built-in battery power for up to 15 hours
  2. It measures 10.1″ long, 3.2″ wide and 3.7″ high
  3. Weighs 2.7lbs
  4. Compatible with most Bluetooth®-enabled devices* including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphones

See more JAMBOX™ FAQs here


$299.99 Seems high but it’s a great wireless music player.
$89.99. I did find a small Jambox that was refurbished on the website here. Could be your best bet.

Author: Brad Cummins

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