Building BUZZ for Brands


Need a little BUZZ for your new brand? We cover just about anything cool and new. From grand store openings, fine restaurants, amazing hotels, product launches, new businesses, or the next big App about to drop.  We can help….

We look to cover amazing new brands and help get the word out about their amazing new products or services. Send us over your topic, and if we like them, we can work with you on creating your story and letting the masses see it.

The hardest part of launching a new brand or amazing products is getting the product in front of the right people. Potential buyers or at least people who will share your cool new things.  That’s what we do at Travel Bee.  We scour the earth looking for amazing things.  Then we share that content with people who want to know about it.  What you need is a partner with readers that will actually enjoy learning about you.

We love sharing with our readers and fans amazing travel spots, entrepreneurs, videos, photos, food, and great products.

Contact us to tell us about your next big thing… and then…. we will make it even bigger.

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